How To Know When It Is Time For A Water Heater Replacement

Carrying out some repairs such as replacing a pressure valves on the water heater could look like simple things. Doing this regularly however could see the life span of your water heater increase considerably. However there are times when these repairs will not solve the problem and it might actually be time to consider a water heater replacement.
In the event that your water heater leaks or has been used for more than 8-12 years it could be indication that it is time to make that replacement. A water heater can be used for around 8-12 years, but this depends on a few factors:
The location and design of the heater
The quality of the installation
How often it is maintained
The quality of the water used in the heater.

When you are sure that the water heater actually needs to be replaced, here are some things that you can consider:

You can choose to replace the water heater with the same unit as you had before. This is good as you will have a heater that you already know how it functions. It is advisable however to upgrade, to get one that will serve you better.
Check the gallon capacity of the water heater. 40 50 gallons is the standard capacity
The no of gallons that the water heater heats in an hour
What are the dimensions of the water heater? This helps know whether it will actually fit in the space in your house that is allocated for it.
What are its energy efficient ratings?

To be able to get the details about your current water tank, check on its name plate. Having these details will help when you get to the store to be able to know the specifications to look out for.
In helping you decide whether or not you need to have a water heater replacement, asking yourself these questions can prove to be helpful.

Once you have replaced the water heater, how are you going to dispose of the old one? What are the rules and regulations in your particular area that govern the disposing of such items? Do you need special permission?
Will you be in a position to physically handle the unit? How heavy or light is it? In some instances you may need to have someone help you out.
Are you in possession of the tools that will be needed for the particular job? If not, it will be better to just have minor repairs carried out or source the tools from the local hardware.
Are you able to start and complete the installation? Installing a water heater needs time. Once you have began the installation process you cannot leave it halfway. It needs to be completed.

When you take care of your water heater properly, it will give you the service you require, however a time comes when, after having done the necessary maintenance, the water heater still does not perform. You can then consider a replacement, after carefully weighing all the pros and cons.