Speed Up Your Office Fitout And Refurbishment

An office fitout is sometimes necessary to help your business adjust to the changing demands of the economy. You might be expanding, downgrading, or simply trying to improve the office mechanics. Depending on the extent of the job, it is likely to cause some disruption to the daily operation of the business.

So how do you speed up the process? Here are some tips to make sure you tackle the job fast.

Determine Your Budget –
Find out how much youll need to make this work and then add 20% to your overall budget. This will help make sure your work isnt suddenly stalled by the need for funds. It helps if you can get a refurbishing contractor who has access to low-priced products in the market. Also, note that fitting out your office yourself can help a lot with the expenses. But you will need to weigh up the possible time delays and revenue lost in completing the job yourself. For small cosmetic jobs like re-painting or adding new workstations, taking on the job yourself or with your staffs help is very achievable. For larger jobs, at the very least you could clear the area for the contractor to come in and easily install the new area. This will save on labor costs.

Plan the End Result –
Fitting out an office is much like refurbishing your home. You need to decide how you want the end result to look. This includes not just the overall look you are wanting to achieve, but also the functionality and desired workflow. Determine what items if any will be re-used and how they will fit in with new equipment. The goal is to stay within budget while still keeping true to your ideal vision of what the office looks like and how effectively it functions. It helps to check out different office decors, therefore helping you to get ideas.

Get a Skip Bin Ready –
Even before starting your refurbishment, make sure you have a skip bin or two ready. This will make it very quick and easy when it comes to stripping and removal of old unwanted materials like floor coverings, benches and old shelving. If you are using a contractor, then they will also appreciate the ease at which they are able to dispose of rubbish quickly and easily. This will ensure the work site remains clear and make the install process faster.

Allocating a workspace –
Depending on the size of the fit-out, you may need to set up a plan so you always have a temporary workspace that is functioning. A little bit of thought and consultation with the contractor is recommended. This will ensure a seamless install, without too much disruption to the daily running of your business. If this is not going to be an option, then you may need to look at a short-term rental site while the re-fit is being completed.