The Cost Of Roof Replacement

With the eventual damage of your roof, it reaches a point where your roof needs to be replaced with a new one to avoid repairing the roof now and then, which leads to massive losses. Roofs are an integral part of any construction as it protects the inhabitants of the building from weather elements, and therefore it should be kept in a superb condition so that it can perform its duties to the optimum. One ways of ensuring this is by replacing the roof with a new roof in case the old roof has reached its optimum shelf life or if the damage it has encountered leaves it with no option but to replace it. However, the cost of the replacement is quite high but at the long last it serves the purpose. This article therefore will delve deeper on the amount of money that you need to cough up for a roofers services in case of roof replacement.

The price ranges
There is no exact amount of installation of new roofs to homes by roofing contractors, different contactors charges different costs although many factors contribute to the type of roofing that you want. An average cost of roof replacement ranges from $3.50 to $5.00 per each square foot that is replaced or in case you want an architectural shingles to be installed, you will have to cough out $350 to $500 per each square meter. Therefore the overall cost of your of replacement will be determined by the surface area of the roof of your house. In case you want to have a rough idea of the cost of roof replacement, a square foot of the roof surface is the same as 100 square foot with the average size of roofing being 1700 square foot. However, the complexities of the roof that you want for your roof will also determine the cost of your roof. In addition, different materials have different prices and each and every roofing contractor charges differently. Choose a contractor that is fair to your pockets but also look at the quality of work.

Roof replacement services
With the roof replacement and the cost quoted above you need to know of the services that are involved in the replacement top avoid any roofing fraud attacking you. In case you pay for a roof replacement, you have paid for the removal and disposal of the old roof, which means that you are not responsible for removing the old roof that you want, replaced. The roofing contractor should do that job. In addition, the replacement costs include the installation of new roof you just need to buy the materials and the roof will be installed for you and the company should not charge you further costs regarding the removal and installation of a new roof. Finally, once you have paid the roof replacement cost you will have paid for the permits from the council who regulate buildings and therefore the roofing contractor must not ask you additional money on finding permits.