Who Is An Apprentice Plumber?

An apprentice plumber can best be described as an individual who is learning or undergoing training in the plumbing field. Deciding to become an apprentice plumber is considered to be a great opportunity especially because it is able to combine the time that you are going to be spending in class with on the job kind of training. An apprentice is also going to be able to develop different skills as a plumber. This skill is what is going to qualify the apprentice to become a professional plumber who is fully paid.

If you decide to choose a plumbing career as an apprentice plumber, you should know that you are either going to work in an apprenticeship program or a union or you may choose to go for a non-union program.

Local plumbers who go for a union apprenticeship

The easiest or rather the commonest way in which you can join an apprenticeship program is normally through a plumbers union. This is because most of this unions have an in-house program for apprentice plumbers which is likely to pair you up with a master plumber or a journeyman plumber. Deciding to enter this industry in this kind of way is going to require little effort from you since you may not have to look for a plumber who is willing to undertake the apprenticeship program.

When you join an apprenticeship with a union, you are going to be offered an in-house classroom which also has a lot of training involved in it as well. One of the major benefits that tend to come with this is that you will not have to travel from one location to another which is similar to a community college.

The apprenticeship union or program that you choose to go for will have a very specific list of requirements that you may need to meet. However, the list is not usually an all-inclusive and complete list. The requirements that you may be required to meet to or after applying include the following:

* You should have a valid drivers license

* You should at least be 18 years of age

* You should undergo a personal interview

* You should have your social security card

* You should have a GED certification or a high school diploma

* You should take a drug test and pass it

* You should be able to provide reliable transportation

* You should take an aptitude test

* You should be able physically to perform different plumbing tasks that you may be required to perform daily

Been able to meet the above requirements is the only way you are going to be able to join an apprenticeship program. You may also consult with the union or trade school you are thinking of joining for more information.